“Bill is one of those amazing luthiers who have taken the technical craft and transformed it into an art form. He has an amazingly intuitive approach to challenging setups along with a skillful touch for complex restorations. Working along side him in the Retrofret repair shop was a synergistic experience.”

-Steve Uhrik


“Bill does it all! ..  Every form of repair and reconstitution – always with originality and preservation in mind, but carefully weighing the inevitable practicalities and playability considerations of each instrument. He understands the “hopes and dreams” you have for your instrument and most of all, he communicates clearly, so you know what you’re up against, with all options on the table. Now that we have caught up on the more urgent restorations of my museum of 250 plucked stringed instruments, I am finally willing to share Bill with the world again!”

– Gregg Miner


“When Bill works on an instrument, you come away not only with an aesthetic, museum-quality repair, you also come away having learned something new about the instrument itself. I recommend Littleflower Guitarworks to every friend in need of anything from a quick guitar setup to more major work.”

– Matt VanWinkle


“Bill has worked on just about every guitar I own and always brings them to life. Hopefully one day my musicianship will be as good as his craftsmanship.”

– Ryan Bingham


“I have known Bill for many years now and his work on each and every one of my Hendrix Voodoo Stratocasters has been phenomenal in every case. Some have had to be disassembled completely to get the job done and I have never had to return anything because his work was sub par or questionable. He is always clear about what needs to be done and what the costs will be. Thanks so much, you are my go to guy and I’ll be sure to give you a call whenever I have any future needs.”

– Derrick “LittleStar” Terry